The PLEEC tool

The PLEEC tool has gathered the experiences from all the 18 partners of PLEEC in their efforts to study energy efficiency planning in cities and to develop the energy efficiency action plansĀ (EEAP) for the 6 partner cities. The EEAP is a document where goals and actions in energy efficiency are clearly stated. The EEAP is also a valuable tool for communication to stakeholders, who improve the chances of successful implementation of energy efficiency measures. The PLEEC tool guides other cities through the process of writing their EEAP. On what should we focus? What pitfalls should we avoid? How do we choose actions to reach our goal?

The PLEEC tool is a guide and should be used as such. This means that the content is a summary of the views of a selection of European organizations and that the conditions concerning energy efficiency might be different in your city. Even if so the tool can provide you with helpful support and inspiration. Approaching energy efficiency can be done from different perspectives. The PLEEC project is founded on the conviction that a combination of the perspectives technology, structure and behaviour will lead to greater results than if each perspective works on its own. Therefore when considering what actions to add to the EEAP all three perspectives should be considered, which the PLEEC tool helps you to do.

Planning for energy efficiency is not a linear process. The steps are interlinked and dependent of each other. To structure the PLEEC tool the information has been divided into 5 buttons with underlying chapters. We have highlighted real examples and experiences from the PLEEC partners in boxes, movies and slideshows. We also refer to reports which have been written during the PLEEC project. All reports from PLEEC can be found on

We are glad that our experiences can help you to improve your EEAP or help you to get started. We wish you the best of luck!