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Prepare to implement


Get an approval for the EEAP

Implementation requires political and managerial support. Decision processes are different in different cities but common is that the chance of getting support for your EEAP increases it the decision makers have been well informed during the process of developing the plan.

Listening to stakeholders in Tartu

In Tartu the city government decides when the strategic plan is approved, but this requires that all questions from the stakeholders have been answered.  The culture prevents stakeholders from sending in questions that are not relevant out of respect for the planning process.

New government in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela had a change in government at a time when their EEAP had been developed but not approved. This creates the challenge of engaging the new decision makers in a plan that they were not a part in initiating. If the plan is not prioritized there is a substantial risk of  it being forgotten.


Re-connect with stakeholders

As an engaged stakeholder you want to know what your input will be used for and that your opinions and ideas were considered. Stakeholders might also be a part of the implementation of the EEAP. Re-connect with the stakeholders via the forum that you find suitable.


Search for possible financing

No matter what you do you are very seldom alone. This also goes for developing EEAPs. Funding can sometimes be easier to secure if a joint effort to apply is made by several cities. This is for example the case for EU funding. Remember to work with other organizations in your city. Universities are experts in applying for funding and are also looking for new fields of research. Maybe the implementation of your EEAP includes interesting research topics for a university.

Search financing together with other cities

Within the frames of the PLEEC project the partners took part in a workshop led by a consultancy firm. By finding similar energy efficiency actions in different cities’ EEAPs funding could be applied for to implement these actions. Search through your network and see if there are other cities and organizations with similar visions.